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Butyl Rubber business unit

The Butyl Rubber business unit (BTR) is one of the global leaders in production volume in the butyl market. Decades of development and production experience underpin its high-performance and high-quality products. Butyl rubber is manufactured in very large quantities, and over 80 percent of global production is consumed by the tire industry. But it is also found in a remarkable range of other products such as chewing gum, protective clothing, chemical processing equipment and pipe linings, and pharmaceutical closures.


    Intensive cooperation
    We work closely with our customers worldwide to develop products and solutions that meet their constantly changing needs and specifications. Halobutyl, which is primarily used for the inner liners of tubeless tires, accounts for the majority of our sales today. Analysts expect this shift to continue well into the foreseeable future, and we fully intend to keep pace with this steadily growing market.


    Innovations for small markets as well
    Butyl rubber and halobutyl rubber are also eminently suitable for use in attractive niche markets, where our adaptabilityand innovative capacity are significant assets. Halobutyl rubber is widely used in pharmaceutical products because it can be used for closures and membranes that are both puncture-proof and impermeable to gases and moisture. Its properties make halobutyl rubber ideal for safe and reliable closures for sterile injection solutions, flask seals, injection plunger seals and infusion pump seals. In the long term, China is an extremely attractive market for the production of pharmaceutical closures and many other rubber products. Today, Chinese manufacturers rank among the largest producers of pharmaceutical closures worldwide.


    Versatile performance specialist
    The Performance Butadiene Rubbers business unit (PBR) specializes in the production of versatile polybutadiene, high-performance solution styrene-butadiene (S-SBR) and neodymium polybutadiene rubbers (Nd-PBR). Our product portfolio also includes general-purpose E-SBR. This classictire rubber remains one of the most widely used polymers available today. We manufacture this elastomer with a costeffective process that has been optimized over many decades.Our polybutadiene rubbers – produced using neodymium, cobalt and lithium as catalysts – are predominantly used in the manufacture of tires. Nd-PBR is a perfect example of our approach to developing rubber characterized by improvedproperties that translate into significant performanceimprovements.


    Modern rubber for "Green Tires"
    Currently, the rolling resistance of tires is responsible for roughly 20 percent of automotive fuel consumption. In urban traffic, this figure increases to 30 percent. We produce the advanced materials that can significantly reduce these percentages, such as our new, modified S-SBR and advanced Nd-PBR rubbers. Our Nd-PBR rubbers are considerably more effective than many comparable products at helping modern cars achieve improved economy. In addition, Nd-PBR also reduces friction and extends the lifespan of tire tread rubber. Our modern S-SBR rubbers are used in high-performance tire tread compounds because they can simultaneously reduce rolling resistance, improve wet grip and increase service life.

    • S-SBR rubber makes "Green Tires" safer, more economical and more environmentally friendly.
    • Buna® CB is highly flexible and offers dynamic load-bearing characteristics even at low temperatures.
    • E-SBR rubber is a versatile "allpurpose product."

    High Performace Elastomers and Keltan Elastomers Business Units

    A problem solver for the rubber processing industry
    The High Performance Elastomers (HPE) business unit is one of the world’s leading providers of specialty elastomers for a broad spectrum of products and applications. The automotive industry currently ranks among its most important customer segments, accounting for 38 percent of HPE sales. HPE’s products and expertise are also appreciated in the fields of construction, machinery, oil exploration, aviation, electronics, household products and shoes.


    Therban® for heat-resistant and media-resistant gaskets
    A robust and heat-resistant hydrogenated nitrile rubber, Therban® makes for a new generation of flat gaskets offering greater safety and longer life. Proper seals ensure that potentially harmful chemicals and media can be safely transported across many kilometers in pipelines.


    Keltan® EPDM products are globally the choice of automotive component designers.   Keltan® EPDM products are used in many automotive applications, including sealing systems (sponge profile/solid profile), hoses, V-belts and anti-vibration parts.  In addition, certain Keltan products are able to meet the processing and physical properties for TPV applications.


    Benefits of Keltan® EPDM in automotive applications include: 

    • Optimum sealing force to protect against, water, wind, noise, and dust
    • Efficient processing, including high ENB grades for continuous vulcanization of automotive sponge and solid seals.
    • Excellent dynamic performance over a broad range of application temperatures
    • High suitability for use in textile reinforced applications

    High Performance Materials Business Unit

    Strong materials, innovative applications
    The High Performance Materials business unit’s (HPM) portfolio includes two product lines based on polyamide (PA) and polybutylene terephthalate (PBT). Both product lines are predominantly used in the automotive industry, as well as in the electrical and electronics industries. When used in automobiles to replace metals, these plasticssignificantly reduce weight and costs. They can be processed quickly and efficiently into components that sustain considerable mechanical, chemical and thermal loads, such as pedals, air conduction units for motors, components for cooling systems and oil pans. Durethan® is a polyamide that can be easily processed together with sheet metal in the form of fiber-reinforced thermoplastic sheets to create compound systems that make modern motor vehicles safer and more fuel-efficient. The best example of this is its use in automotive front ends, which include the front section of the engine compartment and sturdy mounting points for the headlamps, radiator tank and hood latch.


    HiAnt® – the Power of innovation
    With Durethan® and Pocan®, customers receive not only high-grade products but also tailored customer services. The HiAnt® brand stands for our in-depth expertise in developing products, applications, processes and technology, as well as for our commitment to innovations that generate success for our customers.

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