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Leather Chemicals

Two business areas – one shared goal: premium quality for our clients. The Leather business unit (LEA) provides high-quality products for the manufacture of leather as well as a full line of chrome chemicals. We are one of the few global suppliers with the ability to provide solutions for every process that the leather industry employs. Moreover, as the operators of our own chromium mine, we are one of the world’s top producers of chromium ore for chemical applications.

Our chrome chemicals are used for a wide variety of industrial applications, including the manufacture of our own inorganic tanning agents. The result is that our vertical integration through the chromium supply chain benefits both business areas equally.

Our new organic tanning system combines the highest quality with economic and ecological advantages. This completely new technology makes it possible to create whiter leathers than ever before.Additionally, at no stage during the tanning process are any substances formed that could be harmful eitherto health or to the environment.

We supply foundry-grade chromite sand to customers around the world exclusively from our own chrome ore mine in South Africa. Since the chromite always comes from the same mine, consistentquality is guaranteed – an important concern for the foundry industry.BU

Leather – a special product
Sustainable Leather Management leads the way

From one season to the next, leather must be processed to meet new and increasingly stringent requirements. Producers need a partner who can offer them an edge over the competition. We provide innovative, high-grade solutions for all stages of the leather production process. These include inorganic and synthetic tanning agents, preservatives and stuffing agents, as well as dyes and tannery and dressing auxiliaries.

Innovative products and technologies, combined with experience and expertise, are the keys to meeting the growing demand for leather processing solutions that protect the environment and conserve resources. That is why we created our Sustainable Leather Management (SLM) concept.

This comprehensive approach is the backbone of a unique technology platform that promotes the development of environmentally friendly leather production concepts. We already have a comprehensive portfolio of leather chemicals that combine high performance with sustainability.
Recent and future innovations will be incorporated into our X series, which includes cutting-edge premium products such as X-Tan® and X-Shield®, which are redefining the concept of sustainability in the leather industry.

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