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High-value specialties
The Functional Chemicals business unit (FCC) consists of product lines in three areas: Phosphorous Chemicals, Polymer Additives and Colorants. The most significant clientsegment is the plastics manufacturing and processing industry. We also make many products used in the field of water treatment. Additionally, we are one of the largest providers worldwide of coupling agents used in coatings for technical textiles. The business unit’s portfolio is distinguished by the high net value generation offered by its products and by its farreachingpatent holdings. Our principal production sites are located in Germany and the United States.


Phosphorous Chemicals – improving our quality of life!
We operate one of the world’s largest integrated sites for phosphorous chemistry. Beginning with elemental phosphorous, we produce a broad range of intermediates, flame retardants and other specialty chemicals used by numerousindustries in ways that improve people’s quality of life. Our phosphorous intermediates serve industries as the basis for the synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates, fine chemicals, agrochemicals and flame retardants. Our Flame Retardants product lines Disflamoll® and Levagard® offer highly efficient fire protection, as well as other advantages, including ease of processing and high elasticity when used with various synthetic materials. Our Phosphorous Specialties play key roles in such applications as liquidliquidmetal extraction, antifoam agents, substitute solvents, viscosity depressants, catalysis in chemical synthesis and many others. The Bayhibit® product line serves a wide range of water management applications, includingscale and corrosion inhibition. With our Baypure® range, we offerecologically compatible and biodegradable complexingand dispersing agents that are used for water conditioningin many household and industrial applications. Our Phosphorous Chemicals stands for professional customer service, experienced technical support, innovative research and consistently high quality.


Safely enhancing plastics
Polymer Additives include blowing agents, bonding agents, modifiers, phthalate-free plasticizers and sodium alkane sulfonates.Among our broad range of specialty plasticizers are monomeric and polymeric products, such as Adimoll® (a line of adipates) and Ultramoll® (a line of polyadipates). PVC modifiers based on ABS/SAN are offeredunder the trade name Baymod®. In the ongoing public discussion of phthalate-free plasticizers, our Mesamoll® line (alkyl sulfonic acid ester) stands out as a leading non-phthalate alternative.


Dyes, pigments and pigment preparations
With our comprehensive range of dyes, pigments and pigmentpreparations, we are one of the leading high-quality providers in the colorants sector. The fields of applicationare as varied as the products in this area. The Macrolex® brand is a byword for top-quality soluble dyes. Among other uses, these versatile products are used to dye high-quality plastics. Macrolex® dyes meet the strict requirements of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for dyeing polyethylene terephthalate (PET), the most popular material used in the manufacture of light and unbreakable bottles. With more than 20 varieties of Macrolex®, we make hundreds of brilliant color nuances possible for the growing number of dyed PET bottles produced worldwide. In addition, we are one of the leading providers of colorantsbased on C.I. Pigment Yellow 150, used in automotive coatings,plastics coloration, high-quality laminate printing inks and inkjet printing, among others. With the Levanyl® and Levanox® product ranges, we provide organic and inorganicaqueous pigment preparations used in the formulationof water-based paints, timber glazes, wood stains and inks that meet the latest environmental regulations. Because of their outstanding technical characteristics, their ease of use and their ability to meet a variety of regulatory standards, our dyes are a product of choice for our clients.

Inorganic Pigments Business Unit

The Inorganic Pigments business unit (IPG) offers a range of iron oxide and chromium oxide pigments distinguished by their excellent quality and sustainable processing properties.

Color for life
Bayferrox® and Colortherm® pigments have been setting standards for decades. They are available in more than 100 different shades of red, yellow, green, brown and black. In addition to standard applications such as house paint and tinting for paving stones, our pigments are used in exposed concrete, infrared reflecting coatings, artificial grass and wood-plastic composites. These pigments deliver outstanding lightfastness, weather stability and chemical resistance. Available in powder, granulate, compact or liquid pigment form, IPG’s products also include special micronized pigments for high-dispersal requirements, as well as the highly purified Z-grade pigment range for cosmetic applications.


Innovative solutions
Our comprehensive range of technical oxides for specialtyapplications is marketed under the Bayoxide® brand. Optimized for diverse requirements, these products are used in airbags, catalytic converters, adsorbents for purifying water, and processes for desulfurizing methane gas. New applications have been developed in medical engineering and electric car batteries. We place a premium on building meaningful partnerships and developing solutions together with our customers. Thanks to our R&D teams and Global Competence Centers, our customers across the world can count on our support.


Bayferrox® granules permit dust-free and automated dosing of pigments for tinting all construction materials, includingthe exposed concrete used in many modern public buildings.

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