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Water Treatment

Providing the purest water
The Liquid Purification Technologies business unit (LPT) is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide of ion exchangers, adsorbers and functional polymers. These materials are used by many sectors to treat and purify water and other liquids. Roughly one-third of the ion exchangers we produce are employed for industrial water treatment. Their main applicationis to produce process water that can serve multiple industrial purposes, such as the boiler feedwater used in power stations, dilution water used by the chemicals industry or flushing water used in metal processing.

We take cleanliness to a new level
The production of ultrapure water, used by microelectronics manufacturers in the fabrication of semiconductor components and other items, represents another important use for our ion exchangers. The food industryalso has uses for ion exchangers, which include decoloring sugar solutions and refining solutions such as gelatin and glycerin. These products have additional uses as catalysts in liquor production. In this process, dissolved oxygen combines with hydrogen to form water,in full compliance with relevant food purity regulations.The result is to extend the useful lifetime of the end product. Many drinking water filters also make use of this principle.

Ion exchangers are also significant as industrial catalysts in other contexts. For instance, they have applications in the manufacture of the polycarbonate plastics that are used for optical data carriers like CDs and DVDs. These processes require efficient ion exchangers with specific attributes that can make them effective, for instance, at removing uranium, arsenic or heavy metals from groundwater so that it can be processed into drinking water, or for softening small quantities of water in household applications.

Unparalleled service and expertise
Comprehensive service capabilities supplement the business unit’s product portfolio. Our service offerings extend from product training for groups of users to advice on specific applications and rapid problem-solving. We operate production facilities in Leverkusen and Bitterfeld (Germany) and Jhagadia (India). We recently opened a new fabrication facility for membrane filtration technology at the Bitterfeld location.

With it, we are expanding the range of our expertise in the field of water processing. With Lewatit® and our new Lewabrane® membrane products, which operate according to the reverse osmosis principle, we now provide two premium technologies for water purification. The global volume of the membrane market is currently estimated to be approximately one billion euros and rising.

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