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Automotive Day in Detroit

”Making a Material Difference”: Event takes place on August 27 in the heart of the American automotive industry

For more event information and to register, visit

The US automotive industry is growing. In 2012, US car sales rose to 14.5 million units representing a 13 percent increase from 2011. The registrations in the US will rise to 15.8 million vehicles in 2014.

This growth makes the United States an important market for LANXESS' future since we offer a broad portfolio for lightweight construction of vehicles and enable "Green Tires" for less rolling resistance and thus less fuel consumption. Both topics will play a major role in the vehicle construction of tomorrow.

This is why LANXESS is staging its second major mobility event in the United States - this time it is Automotive Day in Detroit, after hosting a Mobility Day in Charlotte in 2012. The event is an industry platform that brings together relevant experts from the automotive and tire industry but also government representatives, authorities, media representatives and scientists.

History of our high-profile event series:

When we first launched LANXESS Rubber Day in 2009, we created a high-level forum that has risen to a place of prominence in the tire industry’s annual calendar of events. Rubber Day and the additional events we have since developed – Auto-motive Day and Mobility Day – now serve as vital gatherings at which leading experts from the rubber, tire and automotive industries join with policymakers and top academics to discuss the latest developments and exchange views.

As one of the world’s leading specialty chemicals companies, LANXESS is uniquely positioned to sponsor this series of events that have become a permanent, internationally recognized networking platform for the business sectors we serve.

The rapid expansion of personal mobility and vehicle ownership represents
a global megatrend that presents an array of significant challenges and opportunities. As a provider of technical solutions that address these issues, LANXESS is pleased to be of service in facilitating communication and understanding.

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