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Image Campaign

“LANXESS Moves Chemistry”

Our new image campaign started with a new motto at the end of October 2006.  The motto embodies our dynamic LANXESS brand: Energizing Chemistry.

More than a chemistry company

LANXESS grew out of a fusion of the chemistry and polymer sides of the Bayer corporation, a name that marks a long tradition of innovation and success and offers us over 140 years of history to support our new aspirations and will to succeed. We want to be more than a chemistry company.  We want to shape new markets and widen our role as a responsible, compassionate, global organization.  And we want to be the driving force in the chemical industry.  Over the last three years we set a new course for an assertive, future-minded approach.

A high performance brand

Our task was to create a powerful brand name that symbolizes strength, success and global competence.  It also had to inspire trust though local accountability, character and compassion for the environment.

One of the best photographers in Germany, Kai-Uwe Gundlach, based in Hamburg, gave us his support as we worked toward visually realizing our corporate image.  He travelled extensively seeking out just the right imagery to create pictures of strength and originality.  With a unique play between color and light he breathes life into scenes characterizing confidence, growth and initiative.

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