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Listen and learn! Our podcasts tell exciting stories from the world of chemistry and how chemistry can be found in our everyday life - in a way you wouldn't have expected. Find out more about "Green Mobility" and "Green Tires" and the future of sustainable mobility.

Innovation at LANXESS (September 2011)

Time and again, research and innovation in the chemical industry has been necessary for technical revolutions to become possible. For LANXESS, continuous innovation and sustainable working practices are central elements of the company's philosophy. One of the many innovation projects: rubber from biomass.

Podcast "EU Tire Labeling" (July 2012)

Tires keep the world moving. It would be impossible to imagine our roads without tires. They keep cars and trucks on the move, and good tires can even save lives by shortening stopping distances. From November, tire labeling will become compulsory in the European Union. Drivers will be able to see at a glance how environmentally friendly, safe and loud tires are.

Hybrid technology (September 2010)

Lighter than aluminum, but as strong and resistant as steel. "Organic sheet" is an intelligent combination of materials that could play a pioneering role in the automotive industry of the future.

High-tech plastics: innovative all-rounders (May 2011)

For LANXESS, the automotive industry is one of the most important markets for high-tech plastics, but it is certainly not the only one. Components made of high-tech plastics are nowadays regarded by many car designers as a highly versatile way to shed excess weight. Tough, rugged, lightweight, easy to process, resistant and durable. It is this combination of properties that makes Durethan and Pocan real all-rounders, and sometimes also even lifesavers.

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