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LANXESS Donates Backpacks (August 2013)

LANXESS Corp. partnered with ARISE Detroit! to provide nearly 800 book bags and school supplies to seven Detroit community groups dedicated to helping city children.  Watch the highlights video.

Automotive Day Detroit (August 2013)

Industry-leading executives from Ford, Magna and BMW, as well as LANXESS experts, discussed the latest in plastic-metal hybrid technology, nylon, composites and rubber to reduce weight and optimize production costs.  Watch the event highlights video.

Join us for Mobility Day North America (September 2012)

Our first-ever expert platform for the automotive and tire industry of the United States took place in Charlotte, North Carolina on September 18. Join us for the event and see the pictures of the day in our video clip!

AA Concept Tire (September 2012)

World Premiere at the Mobility Day North America: LANXESS unveiled its first AA concept tire. The concept aims at further improving tire durability by use of high-performance Nd-PBR. See the video clip for further details.

Yihaaw! Testing tires in Texas (September 2012)

In Texas LANXESS is testing rubber compounds for even safer tires. The key to this is using butyl rubber for the treads of these tires. Find out more about butyl rubber in tire treads.

Where lightweight plastics are made (September 2012)

On September 17 LANXESS inaugurated a new plant for hightech plastics in Gastonia, North Carolina. The capacity expansions reflect the growing demand for high-tech plastics being driven above all by rising car production and the trend towards lighter automobiles.

Green Mobility (2012)

Mobility is a global megatrend. With the help of LANXESS technologies, this megatrend can be realized in a sustainable way; for example: lightweight engineered cars and "Green Tires". The future of mobility is green – that is why 2012 is the year of “Green Mobility” for LANXESS.

"Chemistry is key to the future of mobility"

he German Newspaper "Der Tagesspiegel" invited experts from the field of e-mobility to Berlin. At the two-day conference on May 21 and 22, LANXESS CEO Axel C. Heitmann was one of the keynote speakers and undermined the importance of chemistry when it comes to shaping future mobility. Also, a "Green Mobility" study was presented at one of the panels. See what happened in Berlin for yourself...

Synthetic rubber from renewable raw materials (May 2011)

Synthetic rubber from renewable raw materials: Working with experts from U.S. bio raw material manufacturer Gevo, specialty chemicals company LANXESS has achieved this coup. The basis for this is currently corn in animal feed – but in the future it will also be possible to use the cellulose-containing parts of plants as well. How does this work? The starch in the corn kernels is split off, and among the products produced is sugar. Special microorganisms turn these sugar molecules into isobutanol. A dehydration process specially developed by LANXESS then generates isobutene, the starting product for butyl rubber. This particularly airtight material is used among other applications as an inner liner in tires.

First production plant for high-tech plastics in USA (March 2011)

LANXESS broke ground on the first compounding facility for high-tech plastics in the United States. Additionally, LANXESS and U.S. chemical company DuPont will double the capacity of their joint compounding facility in Hamm-Uentrop, Germany. The capacity expansions reflect the growing demand for high-tech plastics being driven above all by rising car production and the trend towards lighter automobiles.

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