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LANXESS Corporate Policy

At LANXESS, we consider respect, ownership, trust, professionalism and personal integrity to be the cornerstones of our corporate culture. We follow the principles of responsible conduct (Responsible Care®) and sustainable development for the benefit of our employees, business partners, shareholders, society and the environment. We support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and are committed to upholding social and ethical standards and values that are recognized worldwide.

The positions described below are in line with our company strategy. They apply to all of our business activities, from purchasing to production and maintenance right up to research and new projects. They define our collaboration with partners such as contract manufacturers, service providers and in joint ventures. They are a basis for evaluation in the event of structural changes in the company, for example as a result of acquisitions (due diligence).

·       We expect the highest quality and safety from our products, services and actions.

·       We use a process-oriented, integrated management system in accordance with international quality and environmental management standards (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) in order to achieve our goals worldwide efficiently and constantly improve our performance.

·       We create a working environment that empowers our employees to act independently and thus to make a difference. We believe the motivation and commitment of our employees is the key to success. We do our part to maintain the health of our employees. We foster and promote a value-based, performance-oriented culture. Our goal is to be an attractive employer and to develop our employees’ potential throughout their careers.

·       At LANXESS, human rights and ethical principles apply unconditionally, even in countries where they are not laid down in legislation. We systematically minimize the risk of human rights abuses through our own activities and along our entire value chain. We demand that our business partners respect human rights and prevent human rights abuses that are directly linked to their activities, products or services.

·       To protect our employees and employees at partner companies, occupational health and safety take top priority. We expect and encourage compliance with the safety, health and environmental protection guidelines at our locations around the world. We foster a sense of responsibility among our employees for safety, health and the environment and encourage them to undergo training in these areas.

·       We believe our product responsibility is about continuously improving product safety for people and for the environment. We globally monitor the impact of our products on health and the environment. We support our customers to help them use our products safely and in an eco-friendly way and advise them of the risks associated with use. We also demand the same responsible behavior from our suppliers and service providers.

·       We are committed to protecting the climate and to limiting global warming to significantly less than 2 °C above pre-industrial levels. With regard to our own production and the supply of energy this requires, we have set ourselves science-based reduction targets and will make LANXESS climate neutral by 2040. By steadily improving energy efficiency, our aim is to break the link between organic growth and energy consumption.

·       We support the transformation of society into a sustainable, climate-neutral circular economy that conserves resources:

·       We consider and support the use of secondary (circular) or sustainable and renewable raw materials. We choose our logistics responsibly.

·       We reduce waste, promote waste recycling and avoid unwanted waste emissions.

·       We set great store on ensuring maximum safety when operating our plants. We use consistent, global standards for process and plant safety and regularly check to ensure that they are being observed and are effective.

·       We are committed to comprehensive environmental protection and improve our environmental performance on an ongoing basis. We research and develop environmentally friendly products and processes to avoid potential harmful effects on the environment.

·       We value long-term customer relationships. These are based on mutual trust and the ability to identify, understand and meet our customers’ needs. We strive to identify expectations at an early stage, respond to needs quickly and thus maintain and improve customer satisfaction.

·       We see our suppliers and service providers as partners. When selecting suppliers, we require them to be competent, reliable and to observe our corporate principles.

·       We inspire confidence in the way we do business by engaging in open and respectful communication with our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and creditors, with authorities and with the public. We report our goals and progress transparently and clearly.


With our signature, we confirm the binding nature of these guidelines for our actions and expect all of our employees, at all LANXESS companies worldwide, to act accordingly.