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Louisiana Remediation

LANXESS assumed responsibility of the former Spedale Landfill site (near Gonzales, Ascension Parish, Louisiana) with the acquisition of Chemtura Corporation in 2017. In coordination with the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ), we are actively working to remediate the site. Our goal is to remediate the site to residential standards that are dictated by the LDEQ Risk Evaluation/Corrective Action Program (RECAP).


In addition to our efforts to provide updates to regulatory agencies and Parish and public officials, we wanted to use this web page as a way to keep key stakeholders – like those living near the site – informed on the status of the site.


Please see the information below for additional details about this project, as well as a timeline and contact information for LANXESS and our third-party contractor GHD Services, Inc.

Remediation Update

See the latest remediation update document under the list of available Downloads (to the right).

Site preparation and final remediation work began October 2020 and will likely end by Summer 2021. Timing can be impacted by things outside of our control, such as weather and availability of required equipment.


Before remediation begins, LANXESS plans to conduct outreach to local officials and nearby neighbors to inform them of the project and potential impacts. LANXESS is working to best mitigate impacts to the nearby community by conducting air monitoring, dust control, traffic control, site monitoring, training, and on-site security.


All activities will be done in accordance with the LDEQ RECAP standards that are protective of human health and the environment. Remedial work plans will be reviewed and approved by LDEQ prior to the start of any remediation activities.

Site History and Project Timeline

  • 1950s: Portions of this formerly rural plot of land were used as a soil borrow for the construction of Weber City Road. The excavated area was later used as a landfill for municipal wastes from Gonzales, Louisiana.
  • Mid-1960s: Uniroyal Chemical Company  transported industrial wastes to this site which were burned by the property owner in a separate pit located west of the nearby pond.
  • Late-1960s: The landfill area was closed.
  • 2000: EPA/LDEQ requested testing of the Site.
  • August 2001: LDEQ and Crompton Manufacturing Company, Inc. (which acquired Uniroyal Chemical Company) entered into a Cooperative Agreement to further investigate and remediate the site.
    --Crompton, which merged into Chemtura Corporation in 2006, ultimately purchased the site from its owner in order to properly manage site investigations and assessments, safety and security, and the remediation.
    --Site investigations and assessments continued between 2001-2010.
  • August 2012: LDEQ approved the corrective action in the Final Decision Document.
  • September 2013: Chemtura began Site preparation and remediation work, which included tree clearing and dewatering, excavation, and backfilling the former borrow pit/pond.
  • February 2014: Remediation activities were temporarily suspended to allow for reassessment of new data collected from the Site. The company (with LDEQ approval) made adjustments to the project plans based on this new information. 

Helpful Links and Additional Information

  • Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ):
  • Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality Risk Evaluation/Corrective Action Program:
  • Relevant documents can also be viewed using LDEQ’s Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) for AI No. 4791.


Ramin Ansari
Environmental Manager

Phone: 765-427-3535

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William Beal
GHD Services Inc.

Phone: 225-252-9929

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