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LANXESS Product Stewardship

LANXESS Product Stewardship is an ongoing program custom designed for safe handling of LANXESS products from research and development, through production, packaging and distribution, handling and storage, and recycling and disposal activities.


At LANXESS we evaluate the manufacturing process, and consider potential health, environment, and safety issues when choosing production equipment and deciding the best practices to use in manufacturing. This includes ways to reduce or eliminate process waste.

We consider the following during the production stage:

  • Customer needs pertaining to products, quality of products, regulatory issues, and health, environment and safety issues.
  • Safety practices of our employees, our customers’ employees, and other downstream employees.
  • Practices and capabilities of our suppliers.
  • Practices to protect the environment, our neighbors and community.
  • Production practices that will conserve energy and natural resources.

Packaging and Distribution

LANXESS management and LANXESS employees work to assure safe handling at each stage of distribution, including customer sites, carriers, freight forwarders, warehouses, shippers and vendors.

We consider the following during the packaging and distribution stage:

  • Selection of safe packaging systems and modes of transportation that meet regulatory requirements.
  • Maintain procedures and systems to deal with transportation emergencies.
  • Choose and work with distributors to use, handle, recycle, and dispose of product and packaging properly.
  • Provide health, environmental, and safety information to distributors and ask them to transmit information.

Handling and Storage

At LANXESS we use safe handling and storage practices and promote this effort to our distributors and customers.

We consider the following during the handling and storage stage:

  • Provide customer training and assistance programs
  • Provide safe handling information to our customers
  • Get feedback on customer use and handling practices

Recycling and Disposal

At LANXESS we strive to recycle, reuse, or dispose of material in an environmentally safe manner.

We consider the following during the recycling and disposal stage:

  • Energy Conservation
  • Recycle whenever possible, including raw materials, packaging, and product
  • Find alternative uses for waste streams
  • Dispose of containers and unused product safely
  • Encourage our customers and others to be safe and environmentally responsible