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Distribution and Packaging

LANXESS Distribution Safety Principles

Each employee of LANXESS and its agent(s) is responsible for the safe handling andoffering of LANXESS materials for distribution. It is the responsibility of all levels ofmanagement and supervision to assure that materials being handled and offered for distribution are done so in compliance with LANXESS safety procedures.

  • LANXESS will develop, implement, maintain and monitor training programs which will ensure that its employees are fully informed of the corporation’s safe material handling and regulatory requirements.
  • LANXESS will provide its customers and vendors with product information and literature to assist in their development of safe distribution, handling, use, packaging, recycle, and disposal practices for its materials.
  • LANXESS management and its employees are committed to working with all parts of the distribution network (customers, carriers, freight forwarders, warehouses, shippers and vendors) to assure the safe handling of all LANXESS materials being tendered for distribution.
  • LANXESS is committed to utilizing transportation carriers, regardless of mode, with proven safety records and who maintain acceptable levels of safety fitness, exhibited through their ability to transport all materials offered, in a safe manner and in compliance with all regulatory statutes and LANXESS Safety Guidelines. LANXESS will develop and implement audit protocols that determine a carrier’s continued safety fitness. LANXESS will implement procedures for feedback to carriers to communicate discrepancies and will work with carriers to improve safety fitness. LANXESS will select and utilize warehousing and bulk terminal operations which are capable of meeting and maintaining the required level of LANXESS safety fitness. LANXESS will develop and implement audit protocols that will determine the safety fitness of all warehousing and bulk terminals utilized by LANXESS. LANXESS will implement procedures which provide feedback for discrepancies and will work with warehouse and bulk terminal operators to improve/maintain required levels of safety fitness.
  • LANXESS will promote selection and utilization of packaging for its materials which meet all regulatory requirements and will provide consistent corporate-wide packaging. Further, LANXESS will continually strive to assure that all packages utilized will provide 100% containment of the contents and, where possible, can be recycled, reused, or disposed of in an environmentally safe manner.
  • LANXESS will develop, implement, and maintain a corporate emergency response plan with procedures for receiving notification of, response to, and handling of all emergencies resulting from accidental releases, fires, or exposures to any LANXESS material. LANXESS will further provide and maintain 24-hour response capabilities for the handling of such emergencies. Additionally, LANXESS will provide assistance, upon proper notification, to the public and other mutual aid response personnel when requested.

It is the task of the Industrial and Environmental Affairs Distribution Safety Department to define, implement, and promulgate procedures and guidelines for the safe distribution of its materials, according to these stated principles. This shall be accomplished through the collective efforts of the Distribution Safety Department and all LANXESS employees, customers, and third party service providers (carriers, warehouses, bulk terminals, tollers and distributors).


CHEMTREC® was established by the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and its members in 1971 as a public service hotline for emergency responders, such as fire fighters and law enforcement, to obtain information and assistance for emergency incidents involving chemicals and hazardous materials.
Registration with CHEMTREC helps assist shippers of hazardous materials to comply with the U.S. Department of Transportation hazardous materials regulation 49 CFR § 172.604, which requires hazmat shippers to provide a 24-hour emergency telephone number on shipping documents for use in the event of an emergency involving hazardous materials.

Responsible Care®
CHEMTREC is an important component of the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® initiative, through which member companies have made a commitment to continually improve the industry’s performance in health, safety and environmental quality.  This includes increased emphasis on the safe transportation of chemicals, emergency preparedness and accident prevention, and providing emergency advice and assistance in the event an incident involving chemicals occurs.  Limit calls to CHEMTREC’s emergency telephone number listed below to emergency situations only.

ONLY to be used for Emergencies


International 1-703-741-5500

All other CHEMTREC inquiries should be made by calling 1-800-262-8200 or by visiting the CHEMTREC website at .