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What’s good for business is good for society

Growth and entrepreneurial responsibility go hand in hand

As a specialty chemicals company, how can LANXESS help to solve ecological and social problems? Can economical success and social value and benefit interact positively? LANXESS’s approach can be summed up by the sentence: What’s good for business is good for society.

As an international specialty chemicals group, we bear a major responsibility toward people and the environment. Our entrepreneurial activities reflect this sense of responsibility. Safety, environmental protection, social responsibility, quality and commercial efficiency are all key corporate goals at LANXESS.

The company uses its know-how and experience to develop sustainable products and technologies that are friendly to the climate and the environment in the long term, increase value-added and at the same time improve people’s quality of life. Corporate responsibility (CR) is a central element of LANXESS’s core business. The company’s goal is to bring in line economic, ecological and social aspects within its corporate strategy.

Core of LANXESS CR Strategy

Climate protection, water, education, culture – areas that LANXESS’ Corporate Citizenship promotes

The company’s CR activities focus on climate protection, water, education and cultural involvement. All measures are linked to the core business or should benefit it in the long term. From solutions for modern drinking water treatment to climate-friendly high-performance “green tires”, LANXESS not only taps new markets with its range of innovative products and technologies, it also makes an important contribution to meeting global challenges.