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Support for Education in the U.S.

Education is a main pillar of LANXESS’ corporate citizenship program. We endeavor to encourage young people worldwide to develop a passion for chemistry and for learning at a young age.  Within the context of the LANXESS education initiative, we have established projects at many of our sites to pursue this objectives in varying ways.


Baytown, Texas

Support the Barbers Hill Independent School District Fall Fest. In addition to a $2,500 in monetary and in-kind donations, employees also give their time volunteering at the event.

Gastonia, North Carolina (Urethanes plant)

The Gastonia facility has partnered with Gaston County Schools “Business and Community Partnerships” and have adopted the Lingerfeldt Elementary School.

Employees have worked with the school in various areas such as providing resources for mentoring, supplies and Christmas assistance for needy families.  We have also partnered with them for the last two years on our Earth Day projects providing volunteers to assist and teach the students on the importance of our environment.  

The facility has also worked with local private schools and High Schools on various educational fairs relating to STEM curriculum( Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) as requested.

Gastonia, North Carolina (High Performance Materials plant)

The plant supports and has sponsored various Sister-City activities of the City of Gastonia, including student exchange programs with sister cities in Gotha, Germany and Lima-Surco, Peru

The Gastonia HPM Site has participated in the “Educators in the Workplace” summer program  of the Gaston County School system since it started in 2015 and, since 2013, in the Gaston County school system career days. 

LANXESS is also a charter member of the Apprenticeship 321 program facilitated by Gaston College which began in 2015.  The company pays the tuition of the student and also provides and pays for on-the-job training. Our first apprentice graduated from the program in 2017. 

Mapleton, Illinois

As part of Earth Day, employees of the Mapleton plant travelled to a local junior high school to assist with the clean-up and removal of hazardous chemicals that had accumulated in a store room over the span of multiple years. They worked with teachers and staff to identify all of the chemicals, organize the storage area for chemicals that were kept to be used by the school, and finally, to properly package and transport off-site for disposal all the chemicals that could not be used.

LANXESS employees have been asked to return to the school to talk with the students about careers in the fields of chemistry or chemical engineering.

Naugatuck, Connecticut

The Naugatuck, CT site recently worked with the Naugatuck School District to create a chemical-themed mural for the hallway entrance to the Elm Street laboratory building. Employees met with the art students and teachers multiple times over a number of months in their classroom, to share pictures of molecules, chemical structures, chemical plants and the markets where LANXESS products are used. An 8- x 4-foot wooden panel was supplied by the site for the students’ final piece, and the project was finalized before the school year ended in June, 2017. Because of the students creativity and dedication to the project, the Naugatuck site donated $1,000 to the Naugatuck High School art department and supplied  local restaurant gift cards to the students.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

LANXESS regional headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania supports a variety of educational initiatives, including:

American Chemical Society programs that provide educational and career development programs, products, and services to more than 157,000 members globally.

Carnegie Museum’s programs to educate young people and attract lifetime learners of all ages. They are a leader in educational outreach and the largest, most far-reaching cultural organization in the Pittsburgh region, known throughout the world for their vast art and scientific collections and scientific research.

Imani Christian Academy, an institution committed to providing an enriching and scholastically challenging education with a strong spiritual foundation for all children, regardless of their social and economic status.

National Merit Scholarships awarded by LANXESS recognize and honor the academically talented students at LANXESS.

The Neighborhood Academy, which provides college-preparatory education for students in grades 6-12 who come from families who demonstrate financial needs.

Jr. Achievement, an organization that inspires and prepares young people to succeed in a global economy.

El Dorado, Arkansas

LANXESS’ largest educational initiative in the United States is happening in the area of its El Dorado, Arkansas plants. Following the acquisition of the El Dorado plants as part of its purchase of Chemtura Corporation in April, 2017 LANXESS has launched a substantial education program and pledged a total of $250,000 over the next five years to support local schools programs for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Uniion County Arkansas schools can apply for a LANXESS education grant at the link on the top right of this page.

In addition to the school engagement, LANXESS will support the El Dorado Boys and Girls Club with a donation of $10,000 as part of its commitment. The club offers leisure activities and education programs for children and young people between the ages of six and 18, in particular those from disadvantaged backgrounds.