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LANXESS Supplier Enablement

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LANXESS is digitizing the end-to-end source-to-order process, using the SAP ARIBA cloud-based platform.

The ARIBA Network will be the preferred method for purchase order-based transactions with LANXESS and will provide suppliers a platform to manage their catalogs. Transacting electronically on the ARIBA Network will soon be a standard part of doing business with LANXESS.

The ARIBA Network allows our strategic suppliers to move away from paper-based and manually transmitted purchase orders and order confirmations associated with our future buying platforms ARIBA Buying and SAP S/4. 

The first step of this process began with you receiving the invitation, called a Project Notification Letter (PNL). 

ARIBA Network

  • Connects people, systems, and processes between companies to simplify business commerce
  • For immediate collaboration with all trading partners on an easy-to-use platform
  • Turns paper into electronic transactions and increases order accuracy
  • Allows you to catch errors and correct them - before they even happen - by reduction in manual intervention

Click on the image below to learn more.

Catalogs on ARIBA Network

Catalog Benefits

  • Improve purchase order accuracy
  • Accelerate responsiveness to customers
  • Encourage compliance to procurement processes
  • Enhance cash flow
  • Provides a simple, consumer-like buying experience for users

Catalog Options

  • Static catalogs in CIF, Excel or BMECat format
  • Punchout catalog: Level 1 & 2 (users shop at your store and return items to their shopping cart, based on requirements)
  • Catalog Enablement Experts from ARIBA will reach out to you with further details and support you.


How enablement with ARIBA works

Enablement is the migration process that invite suppliers go through to transition to the ARIBA Network by following these steps: 

Click image below to enlarge.

Account Types

Click on the image below to enlarge and view account type comparison.

Data Exchange

Data Exchange encompasses: Catalog Management, RfX, Supplier registration & Qualification Requests, Order confirmations and Service Entry SheetsOptional end-to-end integration and Purchase Orders.

In addition:

  • Suppliers with an Enterprise Account will receive Purchase Orders via ARIBA Network and optionally via e-mail
  • Suppliers with a Standard Account will receive an e-mail with the order document and a reference link to the order in ARIBA Network
  • Suppliers without any account will receive the Purchase order document with the invitation to sign up to ARIBA Network. “Guidelines for new suppliers” will be attached. 
  • Suppliers with a different EDI connection will continue to receive Purchase orders via the existing connection. 




Help Center

Contact Ariba for any technical issues and questions regarding ARIBA Network like…

  • ARIBA account functionality questions
  • Managing and invoicing Purchase Orders
  • Questions about definitions of order/invoice statuses
  • Configuring email notifications
  • Account login issues
  • Account administrator is no longer at your company
  • Forgotten username and passwords
  • Detailed ARIBA functionality questions
  • Advanced functions of Enterprise accounts
  • Enterprise account fees 
  • Pricing structure of fees

Contact for:

  • Catalog updated & approval
  • PO failures
  • PO not showing in ARIBA
  • PO never received
  • PO has incorrect information
  • Tax amount is incorrect
  • Invalid remittance ID/information
  • Invalid ship-to address

Learn About


Training Materials




What are the options for getting enabled on the network?  

There are two options for setting up an account on the ARIBA Network:

  • Enterprise: This option is for high transaction volume, high financial volume suppliers with typically over 75 invoices transacted per year. Suppliers will start out with a no cost subscription and pay fees only when their e-commerce business has grown to a certain level. To determine the fee structure and compare costs, go to ARIBA's supplier page and select Calculate the Value. Fees are paid directly to ARIBA.
  • Standard: This option is for low transaction volume and low financial volume suppliers. There are no fees for a light account. 


What is the ARIBA Network and why should I sign up? What’s in it for me?

AN is a tool offered by ARIBA to allow Trading Partners to receive POs and send invoices electronically.

The AN is used by many other companies so it is not a Buyer specific tool.

Suppliers have many options for communicating with the ARIBA Network.

Using the AN minimizes invoice discrepancies by confirming invoice data upfront.

ARIBA Network (AN) is a scalable network infrastructure that member organizations can use to efficiently transact business with their trading partners.

ARIBA Network offers suppliers a broad range of solutions and services to manage business transactions and content through a web browser, or electronically through cXML. Being part of the ARIBA Network positions suppliers to attract further business from existing and new customers.


Is joining the ARIBA Network going to be mandatory to transact with LANXESS going forward?

Yes. LANXESS is digitizing the end-to-end procure-to-pay process, using SAP ARIBA. The ARIBA Network will be the preferred method to transact all indirect spending.


What infrastructure do I need to use the ARIBA Network?

The infrastructure required is a regular Internet connection and a web browser. Suppliers don’t need to download anything.


Why did Buyer choose the ARIBA Network?

ARIBA is a leader in the spend management space and has a broad supplier base (120,000 + suppliers) already using the AN to transact business. They have a proven tool which is easy to use and meets Buyer‘s needs for E connected solutions.


Do I need to and how do I register on the ARIBA Network?

ARIBA and your buyer are contacting suppliers in phases during the rollout and will send you a Trading Relationship Request Letter when it is time to convert to the new process.  This letter will explain how to register on the ARIBA Network and the steps to take to create your account.


If your company already has an ARIBA Network account...

If your company already has an ARIBA Network account, please send your ARIBA Network ID and mention LANXESS as your new customer. 


Is there a cost to transacting business on the ARIBA Network?

Suppliers will not be charged if: They fall below either 5 transactions or transactions totalling £34,250.

Suppliers will be charged if: They receive 5 or more transactions (Purchase Orders and/or Invoices) totalling £34,250 or more annually.

For more information about ARIBA’s Supplier Membership program, access the supplier membership website at:


How secure is the ARIBA Network?

The ARIBA Network uses Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) for all communication between procurement applications, suppliers and the ARIBA Network. HTTPS is the standard for secure Internet communication and uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL), with RSA Labs encryption system. Accounts on the ARIBA Network are password protected.


What is the privacy policy for registration and company information?

By registering with ARIBA Network, suppliers make available their company profile information to other customers of the AN.

This information enables buying organizations to conduct transactions with suppliers through the ARIBA Network. Additionally, prospective buyers use this information to initiate new business relationships.

Protected account information, such as Tax ID and account settings, is not shared. Suppliers do not have access to account information of other suppliers.


What if I have more questions?

Contact the ARIBA Project team for this project by sending an e-mail to


How can I create a service entry sheet?

Have a look at the step-by-step instruction here.


How can I create an order confirmation?

Have a look at the step-by-step instruction here. (Video - 4:54)


E-mail the Ariba Team in North America

send E-Mail


US_Ariba_Standard Account InfoPack

Ariba_Standard Account InfoPack [PDF, 1 MB]

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